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Pregnancy Chiropractic Care

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Your Pregnancy Health Chiropractor in Leesburg and The Villages, FL

Our Leesburg and The Villages chiropractors, Dr. Tige Buchanan and Dr. Karlton Kwan, provide chiropractic adjustments for pregnancy symptoms including back pain, pelvis pain, and hip pain. Learn how chiropractic provides all-natural care for your body while you are pregnant and can even create the conditions for a safe, healthy delivery. 

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What to Expect During a Pregnancy Chiropractic Therapy? 

our chiropractors use a combination of massage therapy and chiropractic for hip pain and back pain associated with pregnancy. We have a special table we use for our pregnant patients. This table has a removal section that allows pregnant patients to rest comfortably while receiving adjustments. During adjustments, our Leesburg and The Villages chiropractors tailor pressure to use the right amount while safeguarding the baby. 

Massage benefits a pregnant woman by reducing swelling and inflammation. Our massage therapist is trained to work with pregnant patients using a gentle, safe amount of pressure. 

Our chiropractors are excited to offer the Webster technique, which supports hip and pelvis pain through realignment of the spine and pelvic floor. By correcting your pelvic balance through Webster adjustments, we can position your body for a healthy delivery while decreasing side effects, including intrauterine constraint and pregnancy pain. Our adjustments can help with common pregnancy ailments such as sciatic nerve pain, low back pain, sacrum tailbone issues, shoulder pain and headaches.

After an adjustment, we may recommend pregnancy nutrition, lifestyle advice, or stretches that support your wellness in between appointments. Many of our patients love the careful, one-on-one attention that our chiropractors deliver, and turn to use for support from pre-pregnancy to pregnancy and post-natal care.

To best support our pregnant patients, we have a nurse practitioner on staff. This way, you can receive prenatal medical care, massage, and chiropractic together in one convenient location. 

Why Mothers Should Try Chiropractic Care During Pregnancy?

Chiropractic can improve your overall wellness and energy level during pregnancy. Chiropractic adjustments can reduce the time spent in labor and even control nausea associated with pregnancy. Women who want to feel good throughout their pregnancy, prepare for a healthy birth, and control pain naturally should visit our wellness clinic. 

Massage therapy can reduce pain on a daily basis while encouraging your body to move naturally and support the baby. Our chiropractors often recommend the combination of massage plus chiropractic to relieve the greatest amount of pregnancy-related discomfort and pain. 

Since chiropractic is a drug-free therapy, there are no contraindications for pregnant women. Many of our patients enjoy receiving holistic wellness care and feel good knowing they are taking the finest care of their body while carrying a baby. 

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Our medical and chiropractic clinic is located in Leesburg and The Villages and welcomes patients from the surrounding communities, which include Fruitland Park, Tavares, Eustis, Mount Dora, and Umatilla. We have a medical provider and chiropractors on staff to best serve our patients. To schedule your visit to our pregnancy chiropractic clinic, email us or call us at 352-787-8531. We look forward to helping you prepare for pregnancy and motherhood.


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