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Trigger Point Therapy

Pain Relief with Buchanan Health's Trigger Point Therapy in Leesburg

Trigger points are unwelcome guests in your body. Trigger points are tight areas of muscle that are painful to the touch. The pain is not isolated to the trigger point. It also may radiate, or trigger, pain in nearby areas or extremities. For example, a trigger point in your lower back may create pain that seizes your hip or creates pressure or pain in your legs. A common occurrence in conditions such as fibromyalgia, trigger points are a source of great discomfort. When left untreated, trigger points typically do not go away by themselves. Plus, you can have more than one at a time which creates pain and pressure throughout your body.

Our medical provider and chiropractors, Dr. Tige Buchanan, DC and Dr. Karlton Kwan do not want you to live with the discomfort of trigger points. We have a variety of options to target these areas and reduce your discomfort. Our medical and chiropractic team invite residents of Leesburg and, Mount Dora, Fruitland Park, Umatilla, Tavares, Eustis and all surrounding areas to visit Buchanan Health Center and learn about our therapy options. 

Trigger Point Treatment Services by Nurse Practitioner and Our Chiropractors

Since trigger points are caused by tight muscles, our treatment options include massage therapy to reduce muscle tension. Our therapists are able to reach the deep layers of muscle tissue and break up any scar tissue contributing to your discomfort. Plus, massage therapy improves your ability to relax which also lessens muscle tension. Our chiropractic care plans are aimed at reducing muscle tension. We do this by placing the spine and joints such as your shoulders, hips and knees into a healthy alignment to eliminate unnecessary muscular tension. When your spine and joints are not aligned, the muscles struggle to support proper posture and may end up tight or as a trigger point. 

Our providers and health team will teach you corrective exercises to combat tight muscles and strengthen loose ones. As your muscular system evens out, your range of motion improves and your trigger point pain reduces.  Our medical and holistic treatment options aim to improve your overall health and wellness. By starting with the trigger points, we know that your entire outlook on life improves because you are no longer in pain!

Buchanan Health Center is a team of highly-qualified practitioners including a nurse practitioner, doctor of chiropractic medicine, and massage therapists. We work together to formulate the best action plan to reduce your trigger point pain. Another option we recommend is a trigger point injection. We provide this service in our office and it typically requires less than a minute to perform. First, we apply a topical numbing agent to the area. Then, we insert a fine needle into the trigger point to inject a powerful pain reliever. Your relief may be felt immediately or require a few days. Relief lasts between one day and up to multiple weeks. The side effects are limited and may include bleeding or an achy feeling at the injection site.

Trigger point therapy is available. We have options to reduce your discomfort and the chance of a recurrence. Please call us today at 352-787-8531 for more information at our offices in Leesburg.


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