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Stem Cell Therapy FAQs

Stem Cell Therapy By Your Chiropractor in The Villages, FL

At Buchanan Health Center, our medical and chiropractic care is designed to harness your body's own ability to heal. We believe wellness care should integrate multiple techniques and disciplines, and your medical team should understand and accommodate your unique symptoms to provide long-term pain relief and healing. Today, stem cell therapy is one of the most innovative and effective ways to help our patients heal and possibly avoid surgery.

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What are stem cells?

Stem cell technology has made headlines for years, but do you actually know what these tiny cells are? Quite simply, stem cells are the earliest versions of the different cells that make up your body. Because they have the potential to become tissue, bone, hair, skin, and more, stem cells are often called the building blocks of the human body. As stem cells divide, they replenish different parts of the body by generating specialized cells to replace and regenerate injured parts.

What happens during stem cell therapy?

So, how do we take advantage of the stem cell's transformative powers? Stem cell therapy is actually a multi-step process, but the final result involves targeted stem cell injections. Basically, our medical provider encourages new cell growth by injecting amniotic stem cells into the targeted area.

How do stem cell injections provide pain relief?

If you have inflammation or degeneration that is causing pain or limited mobility, stem cell injections are a great way to rehabilitate your injured tissue. Our medical provider offers pain relief by targeting the parts of your body that are experiencing chronic or acute pain. After a round of stem cell injections, the cells in your injured or diseased tissue should be repopulated, reducing inflammation and preventing the pain and pressure that plagues you.

What conditions do you treat with stem cell therapy?

Because stem cell therapy can be manipulated for a wide variety of applications, we actually offer stem cell therapy for many different conditions and injuries. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you may be a good candidate for stem cell therapy from our medical provider in Leesburg and The Villages.

Here are some of the common conditions we treat with stem cell injections:

Joint Pain – Knee, elbow, shoulder, and hip pain caused by inflammation or degeneration may respond well to stem cell injections into the joint, which help repopulate dying or damaged cells

Arthritis – We offer stem cell therapy to help regenerate tissue cells and prevent friction around the joints, combating the pain and degeneration associated with age-related arthritis and sports arthritis

Sports Injuries – After a sports injury that weakens the muscles or damages the tendons or ligaments, stem cell therapy is an effective way to rebuild the tissue cells and restore mobility and strength 

Auto Accident Injuries – Whiplash, torn ligaments and tendons, and pinched nerves all respond to stem cell injections, which help stimulate healing again after sudden trauma 

How can I start stem cell therapy near The Villages?

Our medical provider, Misty Whitbey, offers individualized stem cell therapy at our health and chiropractic center in The Villages, FL. She has clinical experience with everything from orthopedic injuries and degenerative diseases to diabetes and heart disease, and her goal is always to promote healing and regeneration as effectively as possible. Mrs. Misty is currently accepting new patients for stem cell therapy, but first, she recommends a comprehensive consultation. Call us at 352-787-8531 to schedule your no charge consultation to see if this treatment is the right treatment for you.


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