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Sports Injury

Information on Sports Injury for the Surrounding Communities of Leesburg,  Fruitland Park, Eustis, Tavares, Mount Dora, and Umatilla

Muscle strains and sprains, shoulders injuries, and other sports injuries can leave you sidelined as your team goes on to glory. Whether you were just hurt playing a sport you love, or you have an old sports injury that never healed right, our Leesburg team can help you recover and regain strength. 

Sports Injuries Our Chiropractors, Nurse Practitioner, Massage Therapist and Health Professional Team Treats

Too often, athletes decide to rest and ice an injury that requires more extensive treatment. As a result, the underlying injury does not heal properly and the athlete is prone to re-injury. Sports injuries our heath professional team treats at our Leesburg location include muscle strains, muscle sprains, joint pain, head injuries, shoulder injuries, knee pain, back pain, hamstring tears, and more. 

Sports Injury Treatment at Buchanan Health Center

At Buchanan Health Center, we have a wide range of health professionals on staff, including medical provider, chiropractors, and a massage therapist. We strive to offer all of the sports injury recovery services you need under one roof, so you can come see us for every stage of your recovery. 

Our wellness professionals nurse kids and adults who have all kinds of sports injuries, from muscle strains and sprains to concussions, knee pain, and more. Our first goal is always to find out where you are hurt so we can fix it. Once we relieve your pain, we incorporate active rehab principles to help you recover your strength after the injury. 

Sports Injury Services Our Nurse Practitioner, Chiropractors, and Massage Therapist offer include: 

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    Active Rehab
    - Active rehab services include manual adjustments, corrective exercises, assisted stretching, massage therapy, whole-body vibration, and more. 
  • Kinesio Taping - Kinesio tape supports active recovery by holding muscles in place after adjustment and active rehab services. This speeds up your recovery time and increases your comfort between appointments. 
  • Joint Injections - Joint injections can relieve pain deep inside shoulders and joints, reduce inflammation and promote recovery.
  • Trigger point injections - Trigger point injections and massage therapy reduce muscle tension, pain, and inflammation by releasing tension deep inside muscle tissue. 
  • On site ultrasound for joints - Our onsite ultrasound allow us to see into your joints and evaluate your overall joint health. With this information, we can make targeted adjustments to reduce inflammation and realign joints. 
  • On site digital x-ray - Our digital x-ray machine lets us see exactly where injuries including knee pain, torn rotator cuff, or bursitis affect you. Because we can take x-rays in our clinic, we can offer treatment quickly to restore your wellness. 
  • Physiotherapy - To unlock muscle tension, we offer physiotherapies including ultrasound, cryotherapy, and moist heat. 
  • Chiropractic - Chiropractic adjustments can relieve sports injuries with a musculoskeletal component. When our chiropractor realigns the spine and joints, we restore range of motion and mobility in muscles that were injured. 

Visit Our Leesburg Health Rehab Center and Primary Care Clinic

Our health professional team welcome athletes and residents from Leesburg, and the surrounding communities, including Umatilla, Fruitland Park, Eustis, Tavares, and Mount Dora. Make your appointment with our wellness team which consists of medical provider, chiropractors, and a massage therapist at Buchanan Health Center by calling us at 352-787-8531


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