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Clean Start Weight Loss FAQs

If you’re interested in losing weight, you may be ready to do it the right way, with a team of trained medical specialists there to guide you. After all, the fad diets and nutrition trends you’ve tried in the past haven’t delivered the results you want.

If you’re in the Villages, Clermont & surrounding areas, you might be interested in the Clean Start Weight Loss Program.

Weight Loss

What is the Clean Start Weight Loss Program?

The Clean Start Weight Loss Program will aide you on your way to getting your ideal body as you shed fat around the face, neck, upper thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. This program is done under the supervision of medical professionals.

You will jot down your daily diet in your Food Journal while relying on an included cookbook that has more than 50 easy-to-replicate recipes for you to make at home. With a Quick Tip Sheet and Program Guidebook, you can follow along the program to a T.

You will also receive once a week HCG injections daily for 3 weeks (if you choose) lipotropic fat burner injections and B12 complex injections once a week. The whole program will cut down on emotional eating and cravings, boost your metabolism, and allow you more control over your appetite.

Are lipotropic burner injections safe?

These are completely safe. Remember, everything from this program is done under the supervision of a medical professional. Lipotropic burner injections simply give you more energy while cutting down on body fat.

What kinds of results can I expect?

Under the Clean Start Weight Loss Program, you can expect many benefits. You’ll start eating more nutritionally-sound meals thanks to our cookbook, which covers all meals of the day with more than 50 recipes.

While you will lose weight, you’ll also have more energy and less of an appetite. This is due to a combination of the program itself and the injections.

Where can I get started?

If you’re looking for a weight loss medical clinic in Leesburg and The Villages to begin the Clean Start Weight Loss Program, call (352) 787-8531 to schedule a no charge consultation. We specialize in medical and chiropractic care. Whether you’re more interested in improving your nutrition or seeing a chiropractor, the team here, including Dr. Frank Paiano, DO; Dr. Tige Buchanan, DC; Misty Whitbey, ARNP; and Dr. Karlton Kwan, DC can help. We take a team approach to your health care.

Our medical treatments include physical medicine, chiropractic care, trigger point therapy, car accident injury, sports injury care, stem cell therapy, and hormone replacement therapy. We are available by phone at (352) 787-8531.




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