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Back Pain Treatment

Back Pain Treatment By Your Chiropractor in Leesburg 

If you are currently experiencing back pain, finding a treatment that relieves your discomfort is sure to be a concern you are dealing with. Contact Buchanan Health Center - Integrated Medical Services in Leesburg and to make an appointment with our chiropractor for back pain treatment. Read on to learn why back pain occurs, how to avoid it, and what chiropractic care can do to help. 


Why You May Be Suffering From Back Pain

If your back pain is chronic, it may be the result of improper ergonomics when at work or engaging in strenuous activities. If you lift heavy items often, it can contribute to the pain you are feeling in your back. Many people find their back hurts after they are involved in a car accident or a slip and fall injury. Poor posture can also lead to back pain. 

How To Avoid Back Pain

If you have had back pains in the past, you surely want to avoid it happening again in the future. Always use a back brace when you need to lift something heavy. It is wise to ask someone to help as well. A lumbar support pillow will help to keep your body from slumping forward when driving or sitting for long durations of time. Make it a priority to take frequent breaks if you do sit for long periods. Before engaging in a sporting event or exercise, do a warm-up routine to prime your body for the session. It is best to seek medical treatment from a physician after an accident.

What Chiropractic Care Can Do To Help

When you make an appointment for chiropractic care, you will first be asked questions about the extent of your pain and how long you have been dealing with it. Our chiropractor will conduct an exam to check for problems that would best be handled by your physician. If your pain does not require this type of intervention, a spinal adjustment reduces the amount of stress placed upon the joints in your body. This often relieves pain right away. You may, however, need to come back to our practitioner for additional sessions so the pain subsides completely. Our chiropractors use temperature therapy, electric stimulation of the back muscles, light exercises, stretching and lifestyle changes to reduce your discomfort effectively.

Contact Buchanan Health Center - Integrated Medical Services in Leesburg if you require back pain treatment from our chiropractor. We will provide you with an evaluation and discuss options available to eliminate discomfort in your back. To set up an appointment for chiropractic care, call our offices at (352) 787-8591.


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